Steps to follow so that our children are responsible

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Bearing children is an act that should result from a deep gesture of love between two people. A delicate and transcendental decision that will completely change the life of whoever embarks on that path. It is very true that there is no school for parents, therefore it never hurts to try to get advice from experts.

Childhood is a very beautiful and unforgettable stage for every human being. The events lived in it will be remembered for a lifetime. Children are beings charged with innocence and incapable of taking care of themselves. The main guardians during this stage will be the parents or legal representatives.

The orientation and type of family that is consolidated and in which the child is raised does not matter. The important thing will always be all the ethical and moral preparation that must be given to the child. This preparation will enable them to face life beyond the protection of the family nucleus. Well, it won't always be a child.

A fundamental value for raising children will be the sense of responsibility. Being responsible implies raising awareness of self-respect, respect for others, respect for institutions and love for the homeland. The advantage of childhood is the immense capacity to absorb and retain learning.

Importance of establishing a routine and adherence to schedules.

The university of life will always be home, this is the space where the child will consolidate all the elements with which to face future experiences. It is important to establish rules and schedules in each activity that will be carried out within the home. A child who adapts to respecting adult schedules and rules will adapt perfectly to work demands.

In the same way, the designation of tasks according to their age and physical abilities in the family dynamics will allow them to learn to work as a team. A preponderant quality in the future workplace. Everything in the home must be socialized in harmony and family union.

 The way in which parents address each other and their children will establish the future way in which the child relates to the environment. A house cannot be the center of chaos when there are those beings who are little sponges of everything, both good and bad. To raise responsible children you must have discipline and commitment.

Violence will never be the solution or the correct measure to resolve the issues that arise. On the contrary, it generates stress, frustration and imbalance in the home. The best way to achieve changes and create habits is with love and respect. Creating a daily routine in and of itself is a great sharing scenario.

For this to be effective, it must have the approval of the family group and must be based on the recognition of merits and the reconciliation of differences.

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