The 10 most mysterious mental disorders

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Oddly enough, one in four people in the world, according to statistics, suffers from a mental or behavioral disorder.

Below you will find the list of the ten strangest mental disorders that our brain can have, which will make your skin crawl…

Number 10 : Quasimodo syndrome

It is an extremely dangerous mental disorder for generating obsessive thoughts about a physical defect that is exaggerated to the point of illogicality. It may even be an imaginary defect.

  • Patients constantly look in the mirror trying to find an angle in which the supposed defect is not visible.
  • They refuse to be photographed.
  • They take excessive care of their appearance.
  • They have problems in their love life
  • They feel uncomfortable in a group, suspecting that others notice the flaw and laugh at them.

Number 9 : erotomania

People who suffer from this disorder are people in love with some idealized figure, usually someone from a much higher social circle. For example, a celebrity.

Patients believe that their imaginary lovers show their admiration for them through space signals, secret signals, telepathy, and coded messages in the media.

It is difficult to combat this disorder, even if the alleged lover tells him directly, the patient interprets it as part of a secret strategy to hide his relationship with society.

Number 8 : goat syndrome

The patient believes that someone close to him has been replaced by a ghostly double. He can even go so far as to affirm that the evil deeds attributed to him were committed by his double, who is exactly like him.

Number 7 : Fregoli syndrome

The patient believes exactly the opposite: someone close to him is hiding under the mask of strangers or people around him. They believe that a friend or family member is constantly wearing makeup and changing their appearance for the purpose of persecuting them.

Number 6: Adele Syndrome

It is an obsession that causes a person to experience pathological love affection. It is a mental disorder that seriously threatens the health and life of a person, being compared to gambling addiction, alcoholism and kleptomania.

The symptoms of the disease still resemble deep depression, but they can be much more dangerous, including persecution of a person, self-deception, illusions, self-sacrifice, ignoring the advice of close ones, reckless actions and the Loss of interest in other topics and activities.

Number 5: Crytomenesya

It is a type of memory impairment. When a person cannot determine if the ideas are his or someone else's. Cannot remember when a particular event occurred or identify whether it was a dream or reality. For example, if you wrote a poem or just remember something you had read.

It often goes hand in hand with the James Bond phenomenon, the complete opposite of 'deja vu'. In this case, the feeling arises that a well-known place or person seems completely unknown or unusual.

Number 4: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

This syndrome changes the patient's perception of objects and the space that surrounds him. You may perceive them as much smaller or larger until you realize they are far away, or in a strange way, too close. Neither the patient's eyes nor other senses are impaired and the changes affect only the mental state. The most complex case occurs when a person perceives his own body incorrectly because he cannot reason its shape or its dimensions.

Number 3: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Patients are subjected to obsessive anxious thoughts that they cannot control. They have their own rituals, actions, which according to the person, they must perform at the same time. He perfectly understands the absurdity of his compulsive actions, but not complying with them causes him enormous anxiety. That is why they must continue to fulfill those rituals.

Number 2: Paraphrenic syndrome

Paraphrenia is a combination of paranoid delusions and delusions of grandeur. People with such a diagnosis tend to appear very arrogant and mysterious. Patients' delusions are constantly accompanied by pseudo-hallucinations and false memories. The patients consider themselves the rulers of the world, attribute immortality and divine origin to themselves, affirm that they wrote books by the great writers and that they work under the pseudonyms of authors.

Number 1: Dissociative Identity Disorder

This is a rare mental disorder that fragments a person's personality, diversifying it into several personalities within a single body. These people may have different genders and ages, nationalities, temperaments, worldviews, and even illnesses.

The causes of this disorder are severe emotional traumas in childhood. In order to protect himself, logically, the child begins to perceive what is happening to him as if it were happening to another person.

The most striking story of multiple personality occurred in the United States in the late 1970s, when rapist Billy Milligan was arrested. In his head lived 24 personalities.

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