Belly dance, sensuality for female health

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Belly dance is a type of oriental dance that has its roots in the countries of the Middle East, especially in Egypt and the Maghreb.

It is characterized by sensual and fluid movements, which seek to show the dancer's grace and sex appeal.

In addition, this dance can also be considered as an art, since it combines music, dance and the interpretation of the dancer.

Currently, belly dance is very popular all over the world, and it has become a form of artistic expression for many women.

It is a dance that requires a lot of practice and dedication, and that can be seen as a form of self-affirmation for women.

In belly dance, the movements focus on the abdominal and hip area, and are usually very sensual and fluid. The dancer moves in an elegant and seductive way, and usually accompanies her movements with gestures and gestures that increase the sensuality of the dance. In addition, this type of dance is usually very theatrical, and the dancer can use different types of clothing and accessories to give more strength to her interpretation.

Furthermore, belly dancing can also be considered as a form of therapy. Many women practice it as a way to relax and release tension, and as a way to feel more confident in themselves and their bodies.

The basic movements of belly dance are:

  1. isolations – smooth and flowing movements that involve the separation and control of different parts of the body.
  2. shimmies – rhythmic jerks of the hips.
  3. undulations – undulating movements along the torso.
  4. figure 8s – Figure-of-eight movements with the hips.
  5. drops – smooth falls forward or backward.
  6. chest isolation – smooth and controlled movements of the torso and chest.
  7. stomach rolls – “slices” of the stomach.
  8. hip drops – "drop" of the hips down and to the sides.

These movements are the foundation of belly dance and are combined in a variety of ways to create a complete and expressive dance.

In short, belly dance is an art that combines sensuality, grace and theatricality, and that has been adopted by women all over the world as a form of expression and self-affirmation.

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