Feng shui, harmony in the home

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The basics of feng shui include:

  1. chi energy: The belief that energy flows through a space and can be influenced by the arrangement of objects and décor.
  2. The direction: The importance of the orientation and location of a building or room in relation to natural elements and cardinal directions.
  3. Balance and harmony: The need to balance the elements in a space to create a harmonious and positive environment.
  4. The 5 elements: Water, wood, fire, earth and metal, which represent different aspects of life and must be balanced in a space.
  5. The bagua: An octagonal map that divides a space into 9 areas, each associated with an aspect of life (health, relationships, career, etc.).
  6. The entrance: The importance of having a clear and accessible entrance to allow the entry of positive energy.
  7. The lighting: The need to have enough natural and artificial light to create a bright and positive environment.
  8. Colors: The choice of appropriate colors to create a harmonious and balanced environment.
  9. The forms: The importance of shapes in the decoration and arrangement of objects, including round and curved shapes to attract positive energy.
  10. The simplicity: The need to keep a space simple and organized to allow energy to flow freely.
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